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is there an echo in here? 
08:09am 23/03/2007
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4:58 AM 3/23/07 · I don't know the exact status of things here but this is beginning to annoy me. While it has been a longstanding gripe of mine that DC rewrites it's history every decade with some massive cosmic event...there's still a general history that doesn't change. Old battles that are still remembered by references and other recollections.

It's also a given that nobody tends to stay dead in the comics but this is beyond ridiculous.

This will largely only make sense to anyone that is currently reading the current line of Action Comics. I don't know how this pertains before the first event I'm going to list but you will see what'd bugging me with what I've got:

after Crisis On Infinite Earths
Superman is observed talking to Batman about why he won't kill. That he's done it once already with 3 Kryptonian criminals (Zod, Lursa, & NoM) because there was no other way to stop them if they reached Earth and he took an aoth never to do it ever again after that.

after Zero Hour
An armored superbeing fights Superman and breaks his jaw. He takes over a small European country and sets it up as a major super power in the political arena with an army of monsters that live there. Later this armored being fights Bizarro #1 and fights him to a standstill before the Monster of Steel defeats him. During the World War 3: Our World's at War series it is revealed this armored being is General Zod.

after Identity Crisis
This is the current status of things going down in Action Comics, starting with a slight retelling of how things went down on Krypton. Somehow or other Zod, Lursa, & Nom bust out of the Phantom Zone where they were imprisoned by Jor·El with a plan to defeat Superman involving the son of Zod & Lursa who was apparently born in the Zone. Not only do they escape but they take about a hundred or so other imprisoned Kryptonians (presumedly) with them as their army. They banish Superman into the Zone, as of last issue, and begin to take the planet.

my frustration:
I'm not sure why Zod & crew keep coming back to life everytime the DC Universe gets rebooted. Even in the last case where it was with the armored Zod, who didn't die by the way, and then he's just gone and there's a whole new set of Krypton's most wanted up and ready to go.


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the 2nd trailer is out 
06:38pm 26/01/2007
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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10:52am 06/11/2006
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Mentioned this a few times before but I'm doing it again because this one's getting xposted!

I've got a Spidey community and I've been working on a mood theme for it involving all the Spidey costumes I can find as well as a number of spider·type villains. While I was doing this, I sparked off two side projects: A restoration of my old Venom mood theme and a Spidey mood largely utilizing his classic outfit.

And thus, we have this:

Happy | Sad | Angry


Pretty simple:
  • Download your own set from the bottom link.

  • Find a handy place to host the mood set.

  • Use the Mood Theme Editor to set it up.

  • Prefer you download your own set but you may direct link at your own risk.


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that certainly blew me away 
09:28am 30/10/2006
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dues ex machina (Day·us ex MAH·kin·ah): Literally, "god from the machine." A person or force that arrives to provide an improbable solution to an impossible situation, named after the mechanical device used by Greek dramatists to lower actors playing deities onto the stage.

8:28 AM 10/29/06 · Taking advantage of the massive sale going on at Tower Records I did something I don't normally do. I'm not a big fan of buying comics that I've not read before when they're bound into collected editions. A little familiarity helps but then it was 25% off so why not? I bought the first 3 trade paperbacks of Ex Machina; The First Hundred Days, Tag, & Fact v. Fiction. It basically pops all over the place with flashbacks from as far back as the main characters childhood, to his short lived superhero career, to the present.

He called himself "The Great Machine". Odd names in a superhero character are not that unusual excepting that this guy's particular world is devoid of his kind. He's more than a little bit of a fluke. Having found an artifact that gave him his abilities on contact, the guy's a technopath...able to communicate with any machine and command them. That and he initially had visions of some interestingly advanced technology that he had the man that practically raised him build for him.

It's just that he did one thing I don't normally see in my typical choice heroes. After Semptember 11th, which is a touchy enough topic I'm kinda surprised this series went there, he gave up on his costumed identity, made it public, and ran for Mayor of New York. Won by a veritable landslide...

...the fact that on 9/11 he managed to talk one of the planes that was going to crash into the Towers into landing at a local airfield instead probably didn't hurt. That's right, in this series one of the Towers is still standing.

That and this is one of the best comic series I've ever read. It's an interesting blend of political maneuvering and super powers, which the character has sworn not to do any more vigilante work but he still very much has his abilities.

The book's put out by Wildstorm Comics, which is owned by DC Comics; was very amused by Mitchell Hundred, his real name, being in comic shops as a kid and talking about Superman and the Justice League. If you like political wrangling, if you like this kind of genre, you've gotta read this series! This is the best stuff I've read in print in a long time...

...well, print with drawings anyway. I've been reading some James Patterson recently, Alex Cross series, but that's an entirely other kind of brilliance.

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Fear de evil dat is me! 
01:42pm 06/09/2006
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Somewhere around the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005 I put up a truly bizarre post. It was a continuation of an "Aliens vs Predator" thing I was doing...where I basically listed a whole bunch of random things for them to fight instead of each other. Like Godzilla, the Gummi Bears, NeoPets, Dragon Ball Z...

...which are about as unfair as you can get.

Somewhere in the initial writing of it I put up Jesus and then swiftly removed it. Not because I felt it violated any religious standard (basically a "no no") but because I felt that deserved a post all its own. It was a lot of fun to make and as I posted it widely the range of answers were very giggle worthy. Sure, some of it was preachy but overall it was a blast.

Think it's that time again.

On the offchance some of you are not familiar with the players here:

Predator: a hunting species with a brutal warriors code. While it is true they have strict rules against fighting the unarmed or those deemed not a threat I think that might be cast aside in order to make a trophy out of a guy that can walk on water, raise the dead, heal the sick with but a touch, and replicate food from next to nothing. Predators might not buy into the whole "Son of God" bit but that other stuff would make him all that more highly prized.

Aliens: a biomechanical hive type creature; (Acheronsis Linguefoda). The species lives on 3 fundamental drives; to kill, to breed, and to survive. Curious life cycle from egg to mobile embryo implanter (facehugger) to embryo to fully grown killing machine. They implant their embryos in living hosts which then explode out of that being's chest. Opinions vary but offspring sometimes take on attributes of that host. No specific intelligence but highly cunning and has molecular acid for blood.

While highly unlikely this one doesn't ring a bell...just in case:

Jesus of Nazareth: to those of the Christian faith this is the Messiah and Son of God. All around nice guy, very wise, likes helping people, a number of miraculous abilities, and he may even have been a carpenter in his own right.

So, the question I put to you is who do you think would win?

Alien vs Jesus: ???
Predator vs Jesus: ???

Depending on responses, I may put up another post in a month's time with the best answers.

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can't keep a good (or bad) character down 
09:38am 19/07/2006
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9:52 PM 7/18/06 · I was chatting with Jason WarlockWarlock at work about a little thing that's kinda been annoying him. Truth to tell it kinda bugs me too though not as much. During Infinite Crisis a number of characters died yet almost all of them have seemingly come back to life or are on their way back; some old characters come back and other new people putting on updated versions of old masks. I told him that wasn't unusual, that during Crisis On Infinite Earths a number of heroes & villains that died came back one way or another but at the time I could only think of a couple.

However, as the day wore on I started remembering others.

Over the course of the Infinite Earths series the DC Universe, for want of a better word, reformatted a number of times. The final time was at the end of issue #10 so from then on, issues #11 & #12 and onward beyond, so that's what we're working with. No one died in #11 but the bodycount was high in #12:

  • Dove

  • Lori Lemaris

  • Green Arrow (Earth 2)

  • Prince Ra Man

  • Clayface

  • Bandit

  • Kole

  • Robin (Earth 2)

  • Huntress (Earth 2)

  • Sunburst

  • Wonder Woman

  • To name a few. Since then: another Dove popped up that was female, Lori Lemaris came back to life but I'm fuzzy on how, a new Huntress appeared in Gotham City, there's at least 3 Clayfaces now, & Wonder Woman was reborn.

    While not in that final issue of Infinite Earths: Supergirl died as well and there have been more than a couple females to fill her costume and variations of it since. The Monitor died and not only is he back (Brave New World) but there's a bunch of him now. The Flash died but his younger partner took on his role in honor of him. The Crime Syndicate of Amerika and there entire world was annihilated, as well as Lex Luthor who was there only superhero, but they're all back and now in the Antimatter Universe. Don't know if Killer Frost died or not but there's a new woman in her role these days. After Wildcat was crippled a female took on his identity. Red Tornado was taken out and he's been rebuilt since then at least a dozen times. Psimon got his brains blown out, literally, and he's still around and kicking.The Shaggy Man was blown up by Green Arrow, which should've been impossible, but he's back...even if he does have Eiling in his head now. Mirror Master, Icicle, and Maaldor were killed by Krona but I know that at least two of them are still active.

    There may be more, definitely not less, but that about covers it for the Crisis On Infinite Earths. Though there have been other instances between this series and Infinite Crisis where this sort of thing has happened. Take Zero Hour for example.

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    it's a bird, it's a plane...it's tasteless 
    10:59am 27/06/2006
    mood: exanimate
    blame God of VodkaAllah·Sulu; I might never have seen this were it not for him.


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    I've got this on my Superman comm 
    01:29pm 20/06/2006
    mood: tired

    Happy | Sad | Angry

    sons & daughters respectively

    Use the Mood Theme Editor to set it up with the display link up there.

    Download your own set: Click me!

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    Ghost Rider gripes 
    08:32am 20/06/2006
    mood: grumpy
    5:47 AM 6/20/06 · While I suspect I'm going to love this film when it comes out...it hasn't yet so I can be as petty as I want. I've only seen the extended trailer and the international one, the latter which will be included at the end of this post, but I've already seen a number of things that're just bugging me. Some of it I'll probably be able to look beyond, during and after watching it, but at the moment...

    All from the trailers:
    • The film lists Johnny Blaze as being the Ghost Rider but the demon's form is that of Daniel Ketch's version of the creature.

    • Ghost Rider's flame isn't supposed to be hot. Being hellfire the only thing it can burn is the souls of others, most people have described the sensation as being exceeedingly cold. However there's a scene where he's roaring down a street and the parking meters along the sides are melting.

    • During Ketch's time as the demon, Blaze came back fearing the new Ghost Rider was the same creature that once possessed him. In contact with him, Blaze's shotgun took on hellfire properties but the demon itself didn't start carrying such a weapon; Ghost Rider uses a number of demonically enhanced spikes and chains. In this movie Blaze has a hellfire shotgun too.

    • About as petty as petty can get: Blaze is supposed to be a strawberry blonde but the film has him with short dark brown hair.

    • I was impressed to see the ancient Western Ghost Rider is in the film. Although a foe of the Blaze form of the creature, it shows that this kind of thing has happened before...even if the old one does ride a demonically charged horse.

    • The special effects look beautiful!

    • The transformation into Ghost Rider, for both Ketch and Blaze, is supposed to be exceedingly bloody. Literally the skull burns its way free, tearing out into the light. It's be cool to see but I kinda doubt its going to happen.

    • Despite all the references to the demon that is the Ghost Rider, bit off from the movie here, both men differed in this somewhat. Blaze was possessed by the demon Zarathos and that's how he became the Ghost Rider; that whole bit on selling his soul is what got the ball rolling. Ketch on the other hand just transformed into Ghost Rider, not at all associated with Zarathos in this case, when he found that bike that never needed refueling. Ketch later learned he didn't need the bike to transform; first it was any bike would do and later he discovered the change came from within himself...he hadn't realized his family had a long history in the occult.

    Ghost Rider international trailer: Click me!

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    George Perez Edinburgh June Signing Pics 
    12:50am 30/06/2004

    Hi Folks, George Perez was kind enough to do a signing at the Forbidden Planet
    shop where I work in Scotland.

    First of all, our manager Kally is THE WORLD'S BIGGEST GEORGE PEREZ FAN :) She
    eates, breathes, sleeps the man, he's her biggest inspiration and seeing her
    finally meet her Idol was the biggest buzz i've felt in years !

    My lovely girlfriend, Amber got him to draw Wondie's bracelets on his arm, she
    is now in the process of getting them tattooed ! She's such a crazy Wondie fan

    George was a wonderful guest, it was an honour to meet him and he drew the shop
    some lovely sketches of Wondie & Supes ! As well as doing our General Manager
    Kevin, a ripping DD, my good friend & work colleague Luke, an amazing Flash,
    and myself the most evil Thanos you could imagine, he wnt above the call of
    duty in doing the Owner Jim a totally retro Doc Savage!

    George Perez, the staff of F.P. Edinburgh salute you!



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    George Perez 
    08:50pm 26/05/2004
      Hi folks, this one's for you Scots fans out there... Comic Legend George Perez will be signing at Forbidden Planet Edinburgh on the 17th June between 10 - 12. George is best known for his work on New Teen Titans, his relaunch of Wonder Woman, The Avengers, JLA, Hulk and now Lady Death. A wonderfully nice guy, George will be doing signings, and if you ask him nicely, may even do you a sketch :)
    All Welcome :)

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    12:47pm 08/05/2004
    mood: cold
    What happened to SLINGERS! It was such an awsome comic, there were totally cool characters. There was DUSK, PRODIGY, HORNET, RICOCHETTE, plus there were some cool rats. When the series was gone I thought we'ed at lest see Dusk going throught the Marvel Universe as a gust-starring character, ya know?

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    Deadpool never dies 
    04:38pm 12/04/2004
    mood: crazy
    Hey now DEADPOOL is back! He never died or was really gone just split into a million parts! Now Sentinal that's the Marvel/Udon series that I miss!

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    Sandman Author 
    01:04pm 13/10/2003
    mood: energetic
    Thursday, Neil Gaiman is coming to my school, and I've got tickets! I'm going to get him to autograph my copy of Endless Nights. There's going to be a Q&A, so if you have anything that I could ask, I'll ask, and post the answers, okay? Thanks..

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    10:08pm 04/09/2003
      Hi, i just joined. Um, waht can I say besides that i got hooked on comics just recently and get the bulk of my discontinued comics from garage sales and flea markets?

    needless to say, they're not in the best condition. but i read them for the stories and the art, not the ripped up pages.

    i've just read the Sandman companion, and I'd love more info on that, really. Neil Gaiman is coming to my school in October, and I'd like to be prepared.

    BTW, love the Deadpool background.

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    Dark Days 
    11:22pm 19/06/2003
      So I just read "30 Days Of Night" and it was so amazing, so original, so goddamn increadible, I can't wait until it becomes a movie, the only critisizm I have is this one character it introduces for no real apparent reason, it's no necessary at all...but then I started reading "Dark Days" which is the sequal, and it all makes sence, but still in that first one it's a bad thing that they include him.

    Anyway the art is so fabulous that I could go insane over it, and I love their other book, "Criminal Macabre" and there's even another one comming out "Dial M For Monster"....mmmmmmmmmSteveNiles&BenTemplesmith

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    12:10pm 04/03/2003
    mood: impressed
    Excitement is filling me as I picked up Wizard 139 and found out that Michael Turner is doing 2 not 1 but 2 new comics!!!!!!! They are Ekos and Wings, they both look really cool, but what is the best part you ask? Well, you get to vote on which one he does first!!!! I voted for Ekos because I know that Turner can draw "the hottest women this side of playboy" and I want to see what he cna do with Ekos, which has none, so if you would like to put in your two cents go to www.wizardunivers.com to place a vote. On another note, Marvel is comming out with a new wave of crappy comics Manga style....they're calling it their Tsunami......ugh, why does Marvel insist on making CRAP...........on the brigter side of this there is one comic that is assured to be no crap whatsoever VENOM, that's right, VENOM in his own monthly beggining APRIL, I'm rather excited, I've seen some of the artwork and it's really cool.......they say it will probably have little ties to spiderman, and also little to do with the actual Eddie Brock.......the writer wants to stay away from making it a comic about Eddie since Eddie is a "shit character" so he's focusing more on Venom the alien, the story is written in sci-fi horror style, he wants to make it like Alien, or The Thing, in which you don't see Venom unless he's about to tear someone's ass off, that should be really exciting!!!!!!!!
    What else are they comming out in this Tsunami you ask? well, they do have an interesting looking Mystique comic comming out, it's going to be done as an espianage book with an Alias flare to it, exciting I know.....who is Mystique working for is the sad part, She is a 007 whose M is Professor X, and whose Q is Forge.......I don't really know if Mystique working for the good guys works for me yet, but the writer (whose name is Brian VAUGHN) doesn't want to make Mystique good, he says she'll have her reasons for working with the Prof and we'll have to wait to find out...........so basically those are the four new series that I'll be picking up..........................I also may start getting Ultimat X-Men, not for the story but because David Finch (Aphrodite IX, Ascention) is picking up the art, and I love him...........................................OH YEAH, I almost forgot, Marvel is also planning a second Tsunami wave, also stupid and I know nothing of any of the titles except that one of them is indeed titled Emma Frost, promising maybe, but Wizard made fun of it, so maybe it's gunna be dumb, which would be sad, cuz White Queen rocked.

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    03:46pm 21/02/2003
    mood: cranky
    it's really sad that this community hasn't picked up the way I'd hoped it would......oh well, I will soldier on, ok, so I finished Preacher books one and two, it's such a FABULOUS series, and now I'm back on Kabuki, another really AMAZING one, wow, I can hardly contain my excitement, and I just got the latest installment of Zero Girl: Full circle, that is a really good series, I must admit that I really like a series that has a deffinate storyarch and a planned ending, that's why I think I enjoy mangas so much HAHA

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    Hello All 
    11:38pm 11/01/2003
    mood: dorky
    This is a community for all you comic lovers out there...well...all you comic lovers out there that love good comics...and that's partially what we're here for, what comics are "good" and why, input of course is much apreciated on what you think is a good comic

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