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Excitement is filling me as I picked up Wizard 139 and found out that Michael Turner is doing 2 not 1 but 2 new comics!!!!!!! They are Ekos and Wings, they both look really cool, but what is the best part you ask? Well, you get to vote on which one he does first!!!! I voted for Ekos because I know that Turner can draw "the hottest women this side of playboy" and I want to see what he cna do with Ekos, which has none, so if you would like to put in your two cents go to www.wizardunivers.com to place a vote. On another note, Marvel is comming out with a new wave of crappy comics Manga style....they're calling it their Tsunami......ugh, why does Marvel insist on making CRAP...........on the brigter side of this there is one comic that is assured to be no crap whatsoever VENOM, that's right, VENOM in his own monthly beggining APRIL, I'm rather excited, I've seen some of the artwork and it's really cool.......they say it will probably have little ties to spiderman, and also little to do with the actual Eddie Brock.......the writer wants to stay away from making it a comic about Eddie since Eddie is a "shit character" so he's focusing more on Venom the alien, the story is written in sci-fi horror style, he wants to make it like Alien, or The Thing, in which you don't see Venom unless he's about to tear someone's ass off, that should be really exciting!!!!!!!!
What else are they comming out in this Tsunami you ask? well, they do have an interesting looking Mystique comic comming out, it's going to be done as an espianage book with an Alias flare to it, exciting I know.....who is Mystique working for is the sad part, She is a 007 whose M is Professor X, and whose Q is Forge.......I don't really know if Mystique working for the good guys works for me yet, but the writer (whose name is Brian VAUGHN) doesn't want to make Mystique good, he says she'll have her reasons for working with the Prof and we'll have to wait to find out...........so basically those are the four new series that I'll be picking up..........................I also may start getting Ultimat X-Men, not for the story but because David Finch (Aphrodite IX, Ascention) is picking up the art, and I love him...........................................OH YEAH, I almost forgot, Marvel is also planning a second Tsunami wave, also stupid and I know nothing of any of the titles except that one of them is indeed titled Emma Frost, promising maybe, but Wizard made fun of it, so maybe it's gunna be dumb, which would be sad, cuz White Queen rocked.
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