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George Perez Edinburgh June Signing Pics

Hi Folks, George Perez was kind enough to do a signing at the Forbidden Planet
shop where I work in Scotland.

First of all, our manager Kally is THE WORLD'S BIGGEST GEORGE PEREZ FAN :) She
eates, breathes, sleeps the man, he's her biggest inspiration and seeing her
finally meet her Idol was the biggest buzz i've felt in years !

My lovely girlfriend, Amber got him to draw Wondie's bracelets on his arm, she
is now in the process of getting them tattooed ! She's such a crazy Wondie fan

George was a wonderful guest, it was an honour to meet him and he drew the shop
some lovely sketches of Wondie & Supes ! As well as doing our General Manager
Kevin, a ripping DD, my good friend & work colleague Luke, an amazing Flash,
and myself the most evil Thanos you could imagine, he wnt above the call of
duty in doing the Owner Jim a totally retro Doc Savage!

George Perez, the staff of F.P. Edinburgh salute you!


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