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can't keep a good (or bad) character down

9:52 PM 7/18/06 · I was chatting with Jason WarlockWarlock at work about a little thing that's kinda been annoying him. Truth to tell it kinda bugs me too though not as much. During Infinite Crisis a number of characters died yet almost all of them have seemingly come back to life or are on their way back; some old characters come back and other new people putting on updated versions of old masks. I told him that wasn't unusual, that during Crisis On Infinite Earths a number of heroes & villains that died came back one way or another but at the time I could only think of a couple.

However, as the day wore on I started remembering others.

Over the course of the Infinite Earths series the DC Universe, for want of a better word, reformatted a number of times. The final time was at the end of issue #10 so from then on, issues #11 & #12 and onward beyond, so that's what we're working with. No one died in #11 but the bodycount was high in #12:

  • Dove

  • Lori Lemaris

  • Green Arrow (Earth 2)

  • Prince Ra Man

  • Clayface

  • Bandit

  • Kole

  • Robin (Earth 2)

  • Huntress (Earth 2)

  • Sunburst

  • Wonder Woman

  • To name a few. Since then: another Dove popped up that was female, Lori Lemaris came back to life but I'm fuzzy on how, a new Huntress appeared in Gotham City, there's at least 3 Clayfaces now, & Wonder Woman was reborn.

    While not in that final issue of Infinite Earths: Supergirl died as well and there have been more than a couple females to fill her costume and variations of it since. The Monitor died and not only is he back (Brave New World) but there's a bunch of him now. The Flash died but his younger partner took on his role in honor of him. The Crime Syndicate of Amerika and there entire world was annihilated, as well as Lex Luthor who was there only superhero, but they're all back and now in the Antimatter Universe. Don't know if Killer Frost died or not but there's a new woman in her role these days. After Wildcat was crippled a female took on his identity. Red Tornado was taken out and he's been rebuilt since then at least a dozen times. Psimon got his brains blown out, literally, and he's still around and kicking.The Shaggy Man was blown up by Green Arrow, which should've been impossible, but he's back...even if he does have Eiling in his head now. Mirror Master, Icicle, and Maaldor were killed by Krona but I know that at least two of them are still active.

    There may be more, definitely not less, but that about covers it for the Crisis On Infinite Earths. Though there have been other instances between this series and Infinite Crisis where this sort of thing has happened. Take Zero Hour for example.
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