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is there an echo in here?

4:58 AM 3/23/07 · I don't know the exact status of things here but this is beginning to annoy me. While it has been a longstanding gripe of mine that DC rewrites it's history every decade with some massive cosmic event...there's still a general history that doesn't change. Old battles that are still remembered by references and other recollections.

It's also a given that nobody tends to stay dead in the comics but this is beyond ridiculous.

This will largely only make sense to anyone that is currently reading the current line of Action Comics. I don't know how this pertains before the first event I'm going to list but you will see what'd bugging me with what I've got:

after Crisis On Infinite Earths
Superman is observed talking to Batman about why he won't kill. That he's done it once already with 3 Kryptonian criminals (Zod, Lursa, & NoM) because there was no other way to stop them if they reached Earth and he took an aoth never to do it ever again after that.

after Zero Hour
An armored superbeing fights Superman and breaks his jaw. He takes over a small European country and sets it up as a major super power in the political arena with an army of monsters that live there. Later this armored being fights Bizarro #1 and fights him to a standstill before the Monster of Steel defeats him. During the World War 3: Our World's at War series it is revealed this armored being is General Zod.

after Identity Crisis
This is the current status of things going down in Action Comics, starting with a slight retelling of how things went down on Krypton. Somehow or other Zod, Lursa, & Nom bust out of the Phantom Zone where they were imprisoned by Jor·El with a plan to defeat Superman involving the son of Zod & Lursa who was apparently born in the Zone. Not only do they escape but they take about a hundred or so other imprisoned Kryptonians (presumedly) with them as their army. They banish Superman into the Zone, as of last issue, and begin to take the planet.

my frustration:
I'm not sure why Zod & crew keep coming back to life everytime the DC Universe gets rebooted. Even in the last case where it was with the armored Zod, who didn't die by the way, and then he's just gone and there's a whole new set of Krypton's most wanted up and ready to go.

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